Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Celebrate A New Year

Greetings in 2016 from The Butcher's Blog and Long's Meat Market!

Top Athlete Alexi Pappas Loves Our Meats

"For a professional runner, nutrition and recovery is just as important as training itself. The support from Long's Meat Market helps sustain me as a runner and their incredible steaks, liver, and chicken fuel me in making the jump to the next level chasing the Olympic dream. I eat red meat 3 times per week! Since moving to Eugene and finding my favorite meat market, I've also loved getting to know Mike and the butchers at Long's. I feel their positive energy the moment I walk through the door and I am honored to be the official runner of Long's Meat Market. " - Alexi Pappas

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A Facebook Rhyme

Free range cattle avoid the cage
and grass fed beef is now the rage
Some meats are better, like some people, when aged

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Meat Packages for Winter Meat Savings

Our three meat packages – Gold, Silver, and Bronze -  have different pricing and choices for you to build your own preferences into a custom combination that works best for your tastes. Check out our Meat Package web page to view the options available and enjoy saving some dollars.
- Meat Packages Web Page

Tweets for Meats - Twitter 
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Wishing you all a great month and New Year,
from all of us at Long's Meat Market

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

A December to Remember - 2015

a Holiday poem 

Season’s Greetings!
The holiday season is already here
And we are all very busy this time of year
We hope you enjoy these days with lots of good cheer
and we also wish you the best for the New Year!
Of course the most popular meats could be prime rib and turkey
But in between don’t forget about our steaks and beef jerky
Or how about some Oregon Buffalo stew?
With onions, fresh garlic and Ninkasi brew?
Don’t forget the mistletoe, holly, and egg nog 
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Holiday Meats

Holiday Hours - normal business hours
with some changes...

8am-6pm M-Sat. except for these days:

Thursday 12/24 8am-3pm
closed Christmas Day, Friday 12/26 and New Years Day

Meat Packages - A Gift Idea? 

Our choices of meat packages allow for three choices of plans - Bronze, Silver, and Gold. You choose the gift of a plan, then let them choose the meats within the plan.

View the packages and choices on our web site.
Meat Package Page

Mike Wooley - Owner
Gift Baskets and Gift Certificates
You bring the basket and we will help you fill it! We have wines, dry imported salami, Boar’s Head and other dried meat products, exotic sauces and condiments…….and of course, gift certificates.

Join Us on Facebook! Our list and insights are growing fast. We post updates on specials, certain featured meat products, events, and more . Check out our new “fan page”, links, and news feed.

Tweets for Meats
Our Twitter account “Tweets for Meats”  publishes occasional recipes and announcements

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From all of us at Long’s Meat Market, we wish you safe and joyful holidays. In this special season, whether it’s Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, a Winter Solstice celebration or any other celebration, we hope that you and your family have many special moments together.

Monday, November 2, 2015

The Turkeys are Coming!

Local chickens are here says our sign
But the local turkeys showed up to see if we'd mind
We did not let them in the store, that would be too strange
Since this is not exactly what we mean by free range

We honor the Thanksgiving tradition, but remind ourselves that we always give thanks for so many blessings that we have throughout the year.

As we enter the holiday season we wish everyone a safe and festive seasonal experience, while also acknowledging that there are many in need and who have challenges at this time.

This month we are discussing turkeys of course - free range, and healthier choices, how to order, etc. We also start our featured news with an alternative meat for Thanksgiving, one in which the owner of Long's Meat Market, Mike Wooley, served his family for years on Thanksgiving day.

Why Duck a La Orange on Thanksgiving Day ?
"Peking Duck with a recipe of a la orange was our favorite choice of meats for Thanksgiving", says Mike Wooley. "The meat is richer, does not dry out as easily from cooking, and is delicious when served with the a la orange recipe. We have fresh local duck in our store now during the holidays, and suggest that you consider trying it out".
Try Emeril's Classic Duck a la Orange Recipe 
  Shelton Turkeys and How to Order

Again, we are ordering hundreds of Shelton turkeys for Thanksgiving and want you to know the best way to get your order in to us.

      Why Shelton Turkeys ?
Shelton Turkeys are raised in open range pens for up to 26 weeks. The turkeys are NEVER fed or administered any antibiotics or artificial growth stimulants at any time. Shelton turkeys have been the standard of excellence since 1924 in Southern California and throughout the West Coast.

Phone: phone orders are fine, but we get busy during the holiday season, so call early for a better chance of getting through. Hours are 8am-6pm, M-Sat. 541-344-3172

In Person: While shopping here during the month of November, you can place an order at our meat counter.

Email: If you are going to email us, let us know what you want.  Weight ranges are usually in two lb. Ex. 10-12 lb, 14-16 lb. etc. 

Knee Deep Cattle Company - Meet the Local Ranchers who Supply our Free Range, Grass Fed Beef - "Everybody is knee deep in something"

Thanksgiving : Best recipes for turkey and duck

Wishing you all a great month and safe holiday season, happy Thanksgiving. We appreciate your business and maybe will see you soon!
 From all of us at Long's Meat Market.

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Butchers Blog - October

October is the Month for Pumpkin Patches

Welcome to the October issue of The Butcher’s Blog.

Besides pumpkin patches and Fall festivals, October is indeed a cool month for meats, and we are in full gear at the meat counter Monday through Saturday 8am-6pm. We will start with a poem that we posted on Facebook.

Free range cattle avoid the cage
and grass fed beef is now the rage
Some meats are better, like some people, when aged
We thank you, of course, for liking our page!

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Grass Fed Meats in the News

More articles, research, and publicity is coming out about the benefits of grass fed beef. Here are some links to some articles, including one in England, as this is a world wide trend:
1 - Prevention: Grass-Fed Meat Is Absolutely Worth The Heftier Price, Says New Research

2 -The Guardian:
Exploding Demand for Grass Fed Meat is Saving Lamb Market and Giving Dogs Jobs

3 -  Mother Earth News - The Many Benefits of Grass Fed Meats

4 - Great Britain - Farmers Weekly
High Demand for Grass Fed Meat Leads to Call for More Certified Farmers

Visit our "Go Ducks TV Room in Our Deli

Our remodeled deli includes our new TV “Go Ducks” room, with extra tables to sit and enjoy our wide variety of sandwiches and drinks. The Deli has expanded its menu of sandwiches, and has a large selection of deli meats, as well as local and imported wines and cheeses. There is craft beer and kombucha on tap, and friendly staff to answer questions and help you at the counter.

On game day enjoy good food, drink, and a good victory. Go Ducks ! 

 Back in the Day – 1927
Eugene in 1927
 Long's legacy begins in Eugene in the year 1927, when Ernest "Butch" Long opened shop on Charnelton Street . His son Melvin worked alongside of his father while receiving a bachelor's degree in business from the U of O. While many businesses found that the Depression took a fatal toll on them, the new business continued to grow. Melvin took leave from the family business from 1942 to 1946 to serve in the Army Air Corp. At that time, Long's Meats became part of the Stanley Market, today known as L&L Marketplace. Melvin took on two partners in the business, Marley Sims and Les Hettick, along with three meat cutters as the business grew. Upon Melvin's retirement in 1968, Sims and Hettick prepared employee Dick Wooley, who began his career for Long's in 1959, to eventually operate the business after their retirement. His son and current owner, Mike, worked alongside him, much like the beginning of the business back in '27 with Butch and Melvin. Dick purchased Long's in 1976 when Sims and Hettick retired. Dick's retirement in '96 gave him 37 years of service in the L&L location. Mike Wooley took over the helm as owner/manager, and the rest is history. We would like to thank the many hundreds of customers who have continued to purchase meats from us throughout the years and for our vendors who have maintained the highest quality standards in their meat products.

 From all of us at Long’s Meat Market, enjoy a happy and healthy October and Fall season.

 Long’s Meat Market 81 E. 28th St South Eugene 541-344-3172

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A September to Remember

Welcome to the September Butcher’s Blog

A September to remember, as the summer is almost gone
But the grills are still hot, on the patio or lawn
Steaks, pork, chicken and lamb, maybe a Shish kabob or two
Can make September fun, and of course, this is our view.   

New Web Site Launched! @ www.LongsMeatMarket.com

Long's Meat Market now has a new website that is mobile friendly, and features new photos that reflect the theme of  "raising the steaks" to a higher standard of  high quality meat products. There is a page for Beef, Lamb, Pork, and Chicken, as well as Specialty meats. The Deli page describes our legendary selection of deli meats, sandwiches, cheese, and wine. The Meat Packages page offers a versatile selection and cost savings. The News page features The Butcher's Blog. Our Legacy page describes our history and tradition in Eugene since 1927.Visit our new site: www.LongsMeatMarket.com

Labor Day Traditions
We will be closed on Labor Day, Monday, Sept. 7th to honor the tradition of workers.
Oregon was the first state to make it a holiday on February 21, 1887. Forty years later in 1927 Long’s Meat Market was founded when Ernest “Butch” Long opened a butcher shop on Charnelton Street. In 2017 we will celebrate our 90th year in business!
Some Meat Recipes You May Have Not Seen  

Build your Own Shish Kabobs
This is an excellent recipe for a party or gathering. Everyone can make their own shishkabob with a variety of choices.Link :Build Your Own  Shishkabobs
or if you want to avoid all the choices try serving up Rosemary Ranch Chicken Kabobs

Lamb Burgers
We’ve heard of buffalo burgers, but lamb burgers can be a delicious and unique 
alternative to ground beef. We can provide ground lamb that will work perfectly for this delicious burger. Here’s two recipe ideas:
Grilled Spicy Lamb Burgers

Like Beets? Try this Ukrainian Pork Roast
This traditional recipe features a favorite Ukrainian vegetable; beets. This give the roast an unusual red color. Serve with kasha or lokshyna (noodles)."

Go Ducks! Welcome Back Students!

A  big welcome back to all University of Oregon students who are preparing for classes to start up again in September. We look forward to another exciting season of Duck’s victories, and have plenty of meat choices for tailgate parties!  

Consumer Reports Study
Favors Grass Fed Local Meats   

Grass fed meats are gaining in popularity due to an increasing number of diets recommending them, as well as consumers becoming more conscious about foods. Demand for organic foods have seen a strong increase and this also is happening to grass fed meats. Our prices and quality are hard to beat in the Eugene area, but we don’t need to toot our horn too much, as many people find us by word of mouth and the Internet. Besides the health benefits of grass fed meats, there are safety issues which favor this type over others. A Consumer Reports research study was just published showing that that grass fed meats are less likely to harbor dangerous bacteria. This is such an important issue that Consumer Reports will be featuring it as a cover story in their October edition.

recent results from Consumer Reports' tests on the prevalence and types of bacteria in ground beef suggest that beef from cattle that are raised sustainably—that is, beef labeled without antibiotics, organic, or grass-fed is worth the extra money. Sustainable beef—especially grass-fed beef—is less likely to harbor super-bugs—bacteria that are resistant to three or more classes of antibiotics.”
Full Story >   
(For a preview of the October edition: www.consumerreports.org/cro/magazine/2015/10/index.htm )

Our Facebook page now has over 3000 likes and we want to thank you if you have already liked our page. We post news and events, rhymes and photos, and sometimes have a lot of comments and likes.

If you scan our timeline you may see a post that almost went viral in 2014. You may remember it if you had liked the page by then. The post included this rhyme which related to the message on our outdoor sign. It was just one of those moments captured on film by one of our employees.

Local chickens are here says our sign

But the local turkeys showed up to see if we'd mind
We did not let them in the store, that would be too strange
Since this is not exactly what we mean by free range.

Wishing you all a September to Remember
from all of us at Long’s Meat Market

Saturday, August 1, 2015

August in Eugene

Welcome to The Butcher's Blog

Enjoy August in Eugene with cool mornings and walks at first light. 
Road trips down to the coast, a Cuthbert concert at night
Saturday market's fresh produce,
river sports, and cold brew

Then at the end of the day,  firing up the barbecue
It's August in Eugene, and the warm sun is a treat

at Long's Meat Market, enjoy our high quality meat

'Tis the Season to Be Grilling

 Its still "high season" for grilling, and here's a list of the best steak ideas for barbecue.

Filet Mignon - a rare treat, and worth the extra price for that special occasion. Very lean, so consider wrapping with bacon for that extra flavor.

Strip Steak - a popular choice. Tender and well marbled with a rich flavor. Try a center cut New York strip.

Porterhouse and T-Bone - This cut is from the rear loin and and is a combination of a New York steak and filet mignon connected by that T-shaped bone. The T-bone steak is a smaller version of the porterhouse, cut from the front of the short loin.  Nice combo for a summer grill. 

Rib Steak aka Rib Eye -    thick, tender, juicy, and well marbled. The rib eye steak is a popular choice for a healthy sized meal. Tip - start searing over high direct heat for the char, then finish over medium or indirect heat to keep that reddish-pink inside

Flat Iron - well marbled and a second only in tenderness to filet mignon. Makes for great grilling with or without marinade. 

Flank Steak - a leaner cut recommended by some diets such as the Sonoma Diet. Not as tender but can be those tougher meat fibers can be shortened by slicing it paper thin on a diagonal across the grain before serving. Try a coffee rub marinade rubbed into diagonal cuts before grilling for a different taste experience.   

Skirt Steak - used for fajitas, but also good for grilling. Has a rich beefy flavor and a satisfying chew. Good with marinades. 

Hanger Steak -   According to tradition, butcher's kept the hanger steak cuts for their own use. We broke tradition a long time ago. They go fast so show up early in the day for better results. The hanger steak "hangs" near the kidney, and is a bit thicker, tougher, and more fibrous than a skirt steak. But it still has great taste, needs high heat to cook quickly, and is best sliced across the grain. 

Coffee Steak Rub Recipe

 Have you ever tried a coffee steak rub? Check out the video recipe of this spice rub on "The Chew" show on ABC. View video >

Meat Packages Offer Bulk Discount

Choose your own combo with three packages or order in bulk and save money. We are now offering special prices for meat packages, whole or half carcass, and natural luau hogs. Call ahead to place an order or ask questions. There is a one week lead time needed for whole hogs to assure sizing. All of our prices include cutting and wrapping. Three packages with lots of choices in each one.
To order: (541) 344-3172 or email us at info at longsmeatmarket.com.

Some photos from our store in Eugene:

Alexi Pappas Enjoys BBQ Tri-tip Burger 
Mike Wooley Cutting on the Block

Award Winning Rogue River Blue Cheese in The Deli

Be Greeted with a Smile in Our Deli

  1. Wishing you all a safe a fun month of August !
  2. From all of us at Long's Meat Market

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Butcher's Blog - July 2015


Summer kicks in with lots of fun events in Eugene including the 4th of July, Bach Festival, Oregon Country FairArt and the Vineyard, and Eugene festival.  to name a few.

Wishing you a safe and fun 4th of July!

In the month of July we celebrate
Things that make this country great
It’s a barbecue tradition that also is fun
As we cook our favorite meats in the sun

About Carlton Farms, Oregon

Have you ever had bacon that has been dry cured the old fashioned way? How about leaner and healthier pork for the modern diet? Take a closer look at what's been happening with pork over the years. Today, our job is a little bit easier.

Butchers no longer need to"trim the fat" from their pork. Locally raised hogs are leaner, meeting the health-conscious needs for quality pork with less fat. Today's pig yields a pork loin with 77% less fat - and 53% fewer calories! And at Long's Meat Market, we have the best cuts in town. We provide savory pork products from two top Oregon suppliers:
Carlton Farms & Tails and Trotters
Carlton Farms, an Oregon based pork producer, is known for their high quality handcrafted meats. Need ribs for the grill? Check out our fresh cuts at the meat counter. Ask our butchers if you need a special cut or wrapping.

from their website:
"At Carlton Farms, we are committed to producing only the freshest and finest handcrafted natural meats. To achieve that, we believe in working with a select team of handpicked local and national growers who raise animals to our exacting standards. We also believe in the importance of running a clean, efficient, and humane facility that consistently meets or exceeds USDA standards. And we believe in a thoughtful, handcrafted approach that doesn't rely on artificial flavors, colors, or chemicals."

 For the Grill -
Meat Packages to Stretch Your Budget

Choose your own combo with three packages or order in bulk and save money. We are now offering special prices for meat packages, whole or half carcass, and natural luau hogs. Call ahead to place an order or to ask questions. There is a one week lead time needed for whole hogs to assure sizing. All of our prices include cutting and wrapping. To order: (541) 344-3172 or email us at info@longsmeatmarket.com. Ask about custom package orders.

View Our Three Packages and Flexible Choices for Each on Our Website >


Yes, We Carry Exotic Meats

Discover new tastes of unusual meats for your own enjoyment, nutritional benefits, or for something different at your next dinner party. Meats such as buffalo, venison, and rabbit are already popular in Oregon and most of our exotic meats are raised here in Oregon. Other unusual meats such as ostrich, emu, veal, seasonal venison and elk, Guinea Foul, quail, and poussin are becoming better known as they are being purchased with increasing frequency from our new freezer at our Eugene store. Usually,  most of these meats are in our freezer near the meat counter. Call or email us to check and see if we have what you want in stock.

 It's hot. It's sizzling! The Summer Barbecue tradition continues every Saturday (closed 4th of July) until Labor Day weekend. Enjoy burgers, hot dogs, chicken and specials with our healthy meats. Saturdays 11am-3pm

Wishing you a safe and fun July
From all of us at Long’s Meat Market