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January 1 2012

Welcome and a Happy New Year to you ! (and New Year's Eve :)
Here at Long's we have been very busy during the holidays like all of us, and are looking forward to a New Year that starts with a Ducks win in the Rose Bowl !

The Rose Bowl Game : January 2nd :
Prediction: Ducks over Michigan in a Tough Game

Oregon and Wisconsin are two of 12 teams since the start of 1996 to score at least 80 TDs in a season. With 82 this year, the Ducks joined Oklahoma as the only teams among that dozen to accomplish the feat twice.In Pasadena California the Rose Parade and Rose Bowl have always been televised on New Years Day. It looks like the bowl games organizers are mixing it up this year and we have the Rose Bowl on a Monday, January 2nd. That's ok. I guess we will have to extend the holiday weekend into Monday. Happy New Year !

The Buzz from Portland About Chop Butchery & Charcuterie -
can be read on Yelp .....the buzz here in our store is that we carry their handcrafted salami which is very popular for a distinctive taste from this new but vintage butchery in Portland - We carry two in our Deli cooler : Garlic and Black Pepper, and Herbes De Provence - Each costs $8.99 - while they last ...

Why Chef's Love Our Meat Products

Rocky Marselli, a local chef and owner of Osteria Sfizio, who has been featured in the national media, buys his meats from Long’s exclusively. “Long’s has the best quality meats that are raised sustainably here in the Willamette Valley, where the fertile soils provide a healthier source for the animals. I also enjoy the personalized attention that I get at Long’s and the ability to order custom cuts as I need them.”

Don't Miss - Free Wine Tastings with Kaila Rose Nicholl, our wine buyer, - Fridays 4-6pm - whites and reds

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Got the Holiday Blues? Try These.
Rogue Creamery Blues

"On December 22, while on a road trip to California to visit family for the holidays, I stopped at the historic Rogue Creamery Cheese Shop in Central Point to
get some information and see their retail store. It's worth the stop, if even to sample some of their award winning Rogue River Blue. The 5 lb wrapped cheeses were a visual treat, and they have a large variety of Cheddars as well as blues." David Brown, webmaster @ Long's (pictured with dog Shaman).

Here at Long's we have a large selection of their blue cheeses, and carry the following products (at discount prices compared to elsewhere)
Rogue River Blue (wrapped in grape leaves) - This hand crafted raw cow’s milk blue veined cheese develops a beautiful natural rind as a result of hand turning and tending the cheese several times a week. The wheels are aged for up to a year in our special rooms which were constructed to simulate the ancient caves in Roquefort, France. One of many awards: Best in Show, 2011 American Cheese Society, Montreal-

Caveman Blue - Caveman Blue is a rich, complex blue that is deliciously sweet & fruity with slight vanilla tones and a texture of butter and crystals

Crater Lake Blue- their most robust blue - made from a complex of local and international molds

Oregon Blue - Created a half a century ago, Oregon Blue Vein cheese has been the West Coast’s exemplary award-winning Raw Milk Blue cheese.

Oregonzola - this cheese is aged a minimum of 120 days in their caves.

Smoky Blue - cold smoked for 16 hours over hazelnut shells from the Pacific Northwest. The result is a balance of sweet caramel and hazelnut flavors that magically contrast the sharpness of our blue cheese.

Link: Blue Cheese and Meat Recipes - take your pick from highest rated.

Great video: "Secrets of the Aging Cave" by Rogue Creamery
Take a tour of the first blue cheese aging caves on the west coast in operation since 1957. Creamery co-owner David Gremmels shares the secrets of the aging caves that nurture Rogue Creamery's line of award winning blue cheeses.

From England - Jason Palin, chef director at The Cheshire Cookery School in Altrincham, cooks up a storm with a delicious blue cheese and chicken breast View video recipe on YouTube -


Fresh Baguettes from Metropol Bakery
Knee Deep Free Range Jalapeno Beef Jerky - $24.98lb
In the freezer:
Whetstone Valley Free Range Goose
Carlton Farms Smoked Turkey
Shelton Free Range Turkeys and much more.

Large selection of condiments, Chocolate, BarBq sauces, meat rubs, and more.

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Wishing all of you a Happy New Year,

from all of us at Long's

Long's Meat Market
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Thursday, December 1, 2011

December 2011 - Season's Greetings

The holiday season is already here

And we are all very busy this time of year

We hope you enjoy these days with lots of good cheer

and we also wish you the best for the New Year!

Of course the most popular meats could be prime rib and turkey

But in between don’t forget about our steaks and beef jerky

Or how about some Oregon Buffalo stew?

With onions, fresh garlic and Ninkasi brew?

Don’t forget the mistletoe, holly, and egg nog

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Reflections of November

In the News: our free range lamb vendor was featured in Capital Press :Mike Wooley, owner of Long’s Meat Market, was quoted in this Anderson Farms article. full story:
Western Innovator - Direct Marketing Delievers Profits

Holiday Meats

We do spiral sliced hams in the store with our own honey glaze, and also have an old fashion style bone-in smoked ham. Prime Rib is also a big item as we dry age them and cut to order. Free range turkeys are still available and can be smoked. Ever heard of a "Crown Roast"? Very popular here during the holidays, crown roasts are a rack of lamb or pork that is made circular for your holiday presentation and trimmings. Call ahead on these also! It's always better to order everything in advance this season if possible. We also accept spontaneous purchases at our friendly customer service counter. :)

Free Wine Tasting Every Friday 4pm - 6pm
- with Kaila Rose Nicholl, our wine buyer.
Tasting includes wine and cheese. Reds and whites are presented, both local and imported. Which wines are best for the holidays? Stop by and ask Kaila while tasting.

Like that one that you just tasted? You can open a bottle, sit at a table and get 10% off. And don't forget our amazing cheese selection in The Deli. We have a good sampling of Oregon creameries and cheesemakers including Rogue, Juniper Grove, River’s Edge, Fraga Farms, Tumalo Farms, Willamette Valley Cheese Co, and a new creamery in Eugene, Cheese Louise Creamery.

Limited Seating Event – December 15TH - You are Invited


Grass-fed Prime Rib will be the star of this class, presented by Mike, Alvina and Cooks, Pots, and Tabletops's Chef Keith Ellis ! Knee Deep Ranch is in operation in Coburg, and other nearby ranches. Come learn about the fabulous Grass-Fed beef that they raise ! As we go into the Holiday season, many of our students look for tried and true methods of cooking the classic roasting dishes, as well as innovative side dishes to compliment marvelous meat ! Menu: Prosciutto Wrapped Gulf Shrimp with Red Pepper Romesco, Grass-Fed Prime Rib with Spanish Rosemary Salt Rub, Roasted Fennel and Onion with Pancetta, and Roasted Pears with Chocolate and Ricotta - Time: 6 - 8:30 PM - Cost: $75.00 - Registration information.

Welcome Tom and Johnny's Burgers!

Tom and Johnny's is the newest burger joint in Springfield. With gourmet burgers using our fresh ground free range beef exclusively, they are awesome! They also have fries, chicken wings, a salad bar and other assorted treats. Tom and Johnny's has a very active Facebook page. Check out their page and the recent post with photo of their 2lb "heart attack burger"! Go to Tom and Johnny's @ Facebook

Our fan list and insights are growing fast. We post updates on wine tastings, specials, certain featured meat products, events, and more ….check out our new “fan page”, links, and “the wall”.
Visit our Facebook page >

Finally, thank you all for a great year. We appreciate your business and strive to be your choice for high quality meats here in Eugene. We look forward to another year of providing friendly service at the counter, helping you with your menu planning, seeing your smiles at our wine tastings and in our deli, and sending you this Butcher’s Blog every month by email or RSS. Subscribe to The Butchers Blog.

Holiday Cheers

From all of us at Long’s

Long's Meat Market
81 E. 28th Ave.
Eugene, OR 97405
Phone: (541) 344-3172

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