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See You in September ...

We hope to see you in our store this month. Please bring us a note, anonymous or signed of how we can improve our service, what you like about us, other suggestions, recipe ideas for The Butcher’s Blog, and / or your favorite meats. We enjoy your feedback!

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September Events - Go Ducks! 
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Every Wednesday 4-6pm - Rotisserie Chicken (you can also order these ahead of time any day)
Every Friday - 4-6pm - Free Wine Tasting
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Let's Talk Exotic Meats

Hosting a Ducks party? How about Wild Boar Enchiladas?
Discover new tastes of unusual meats for your own enjoyment, nutritional benefits, or for something different at your next dinner party. Meats such as buffalo, venison, and rabbit are already popular in Oregon and most of our exotic meats are raised here in Oregon. Other unusual meats such as ostrich, emu, veal, seasonal venison and elk, Guinea Foul, quail, and poussin are becoming better known as they are being purchased with increasing frequency from our new freezer at our Eugene store. Muscovy Duck is usually fresh in our poultry section.

Featured Exotic Meat: Fermín Ibérico de Bellota Pork
Fermín Ibérico de Bellota Pork is a world-class food product—some consider it to be one of the four must-have items that transcend cuisine, along with foie gras, caviar and truffles.  We are proud have a supplier who is the leading distributor of uncured Fermín in the Pacific Northwest, as well as carrying the cured line upon which the Fermín reputation is built.
Ibérico de Bellota is all free-range, acorn-fed pork from the Salamanca region in Spain.  Fermín goes even further than its competitors—by guaranteeing that every pig they raise is genetically 100% Ibérico.  This ensures the authenticity of their end-product and the flavor that comes with it.  Fermín pork is a deep shade of red in color—nearing the color of beef.  The fat that builds during the fattening period, or montañera, creates the most tender and tastiest cuts possible. 
Uncured Fermín pork opens up a world of possibilities for the chef.  Because of the genetics of the Ibérico breed and the artisanal process in the Fermín cutting room we are able to offer rare cuts that don’t exist within the United States.  Furthermore, because each pig is individually tested for trichinosis, chefs can use raw and semi-raw applications with this special pork.
Emu are high in protein and iron, while lower in fat, fatty acids and cholesterol than many other kinds of meat. For this reason Emu has been a super food for athletes for years. The lean nature of emu makes cooking it a challenge—albeit one that any home chef or professional chef is up to as long as they understand that it is best prepared at medium-rare
The main benefit of emu is the delicious flavor. We consider it a lovely blend of duck and beef. Emu has the richness of red-meat with the health benefits of a poultry product. The Premium Loin cuts are tasty with a quick grilling and the round cut is better slow-cooked at a low heat in the oven with a tasty braising liquid. Emu readily takes to whatever flavor or cuisine you prefer—we like it medium rare, and rested, with a huckleberry and pepper sauce!

Seasonal Elk - September-October
One of the highlights of our busy autumn season is the arrival of Roosevelt elk.  These animals are the biggest elk on the continent of North America.  The males are just under 1000 lbs and have been known to grow as big as 1,300 lbs in the Alaskan wild.  They are raised free range on Western Oregon farms, where they can freely roam the hills and streams that dominate our landscape.  This peaceful life, along with the natural terrain they are used to, make Roosevelt one of the richest, yet leanest proteins we offer.  It is a highly sought after animal, so be sure to call us in advance and reserve an order based on availability.

Ostrich is currently raised for its rich meat in Southern Hemisphere countries like Austrailia and New Zealand.  Ostrich contains 90% less fat than beef, yet it retains the succulent, red-meat flavor that diners love.  Ostrich also shrinks less than other types of red-meat which makes it ideal for controlling food cost, and the perfect meat for hamburgers and steaks.

New Web Site Launching this Month - Redesigned and Ready for Your Next Visit

We have redesigned our web site it to be colorful, informative, and visually engaging. Logion Web Design of Eugene planned and redesigned our site that they had done originally in 2005. We also had a local photographer - Sketch Ditty -  involved that was able to capture some great shots of our fresh meat, deli cheeses, and store. The web pages so far include the home page, meats page, beef, pork, lamb, and chicken page. Other pages include The Deli, Our Legacy, and of course, Contact Us.
Tweets for Meats

Yes, we actually have a Twitter account although it has not been as active as our Facebook page. This month we are planning to tweet information about our local events and exotic meats.

Recipes - provided by John Carlisle of Kitchout in Eugene

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