Monday, October 1, 2012

Welcome to The Butcher's Blog October issue!

The fall season is upon us as we welcome students back and enjoy the Duck's victories. In this issue we will feature our meat packages, the "Sweepsteaks" drawing for two 14oz rib eye steaks, weekly events such as our wine tasting and rotisserie chicken,  meat recipes from a local chef, and more.

Meat Packages -
Beef, Pork, Lamb, and Chicken

Our meat packages are becoming better known and help stretch your dollars. Choose your own combo with three packages or order in bulk and save money. We are now offering special prices for meat packages, whole or half carcass, and natural luau hogs. Call ahead to place an order or ask questions. There is a one week lead time needed for whole hogs to assure sizing. All of our prices include cutting and wrapping. View our packages page on our web site for prices and plans.To order: (541) 344-3172 or email us at Ask about custom package orders.

Yes, the spelling is intentional as we have regular drawings to win two 14 oz rib eye steaks. The announcements are on Facebook - - but if you are not on Facebook and still want to enter the drawing, send an email to our webmaster David Brown at The dates are announced on Facebook, so if you missed a deadline he will add you to the next drawing list.

Wine Tasting Friday's 4pm-6pm

Last month we tasted Erath Pinot Noirs including their Estate selection, as well as some
Heron Cabernet 2009 , Heron Chardonnay 2011 and Cline Mourvedre Rose 2011. The tasting is free and we have a large wine selection of reds, whites, imported and local/ Oregon in our deli.

Say Cheese
Cheese and wine are an excellent combination before or with a meat recipe.  You may be surprised at the large selection of cheeses in our deli. We feature Oregon creameries such as Rogue, Willamette, and Cheese Louise, as well as imported such 
as Irish, British, and Italian.  Ask our Deli expert Dave about wine and cheese pairings for that next special occasion.

Free Range Rotisserie Chicken on Wednesdays 4pm-6pm

We usually sell out of out free range rotisserie chickens that we regularly schedule on Wednesdays from 4pm - 6pm. However, you can also special order a rotisserie chicken any other time and we will prepare it for you in advance for you to pick up.  

More people are liking our page every week and we now are up to 542 fans ! We post information about events and especially the free steak drawings to thanks for joining our page and please tell your friends. 

Sandwiches in the Deli? Yes!   

We offer sandwiches to go or to enjoy here at our tables in our Wine and Cheese Shop and Deli.  We have an excellent selection of deli meats such as Boar's Head, and gourmet condiments for different tastes.  
  What are some of the leanest cuts of red meat?
 For the leanest red meat cuts, look for those with “loin” in the name: Sirloin tip steak, top sirloin, pork tenderloin, lamb loin chops. Ask our butchers about our lean cuts.

Beef: Also look for round steaks and roasts, such as eye round and bottom round; chuck shoulder steaks; filet mignon; flank steak; and arm roasts. Choose ground beef labeled at least 95% lean.
Pork: Lean cuts include loin roasts, loin chops, and bone-in rib chops.

Wishing you a great October and Fall season. Go Ducks !
from all of us at Long's Meat Market

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