Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Turkeys are Coming

...but so are The Ducks !

We honor the Thanksgiving tradition, but remind ourselves that we always give thanks for so many blessings that we have throughout the year.

As we enter the holiday season we wish everyone a safe and festive seasonal experience, while also acknowledging that there are many in need and who have challenges at this time.

This month we are discussing turkeys of course - free range, and healthier choices, how to order, etc. We also start our featured news with an alternative meat for Thanksgiving, one in which the owner of Long's Meat Market, Mike Wooley, served his family for years on Thanksgiving day.

Why Duck a La Orange on Thanksgiving Day ?
"Peking Duck with a recipe of a la orange was our favorite choice of meats for Thanksgiving", says Mike Wooley. "The meat is richer, does not dry out as easily from cooking, and is delicious when served with the a la orange recipe. We have fresh local duck in our store now during the holidays, and suggest that you consider trying it out".
Try Emeril's Classic Duck a la Orange Recipe 
  Shelton Turkeys and How to Order

Again, we are ordering hundreds of Shelton turkeys for Thanksgiving and want you to know the best way to get your order in to us.

      Why Shelton Turkeys ?
Shelton Turkeys are raised in open range pens for up to 26 weeks. The turkeys are NEVER fed or administered any antibiotics or artificial growth stimulants at any time. Shelton turkeys have been the standard of excellence since 1924 in Southern California and throughout the West Coast.

Phone: phone orders are fine, but we get busy during the holiday season, so call early for a better chance of getting through. Hours are 8am-6pm, M-Sat. 541-344-3172

In Person: While shopping here during the month of November, you can place an order at our meat counter.

Email: If you are going to email us, use the convenient Turkey order form below, so that we know what you want.  We will assume only one turkey is being ordered unless you specify more than one below.

Knee Deep Cattle Company - Meet the Local Ranchers who Supply our Free Range, Grass Fed Beef - "Everybody is knee deep in something"

Thanksgiving : Best recipes for turkey and duck

Wishing you all a great month and safe holiday season, happy Thanksgiving. We appreciate your business and maybe will see you soon!
 From all of us at Long's Meat Market.

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Butcher’s Blog - October

Welcome to the October issue of The Butcher’s Blog. October is indeed a cool month for meats, and we are in full gear at the meat counter Monday through Saturday 8am-6pm. We will start with a poem that we posted on Facebook.

Free range cattle avoid the cage
and grass fed beef is now the rage
 Some meats are better, like some people, when aged
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Remodeled Deli Has More Tables in a New TV Room !

Our deli is remodeled and we will soon have a new menu as there are so many choices here! The picture below is our new TV “Go Ducks” room, with extra tables to sit and enjoy our wide variety of sandwiches and drinks in our Deli. 

Coming Soon ! Southtowne Shops Concert with Sugar Beets band and Beer garden, Oct 11th 
Southtowne Shops, located between Oak and East 29th Ave and East 28th Ave will be hosting a fundraiser and have a beer garden and live music from The Sugar Beets

  Hometown Eugene Movie by Alexi Pappas Features Long's Steaks and Hat

Alexi Pappas Enjoying a Tri-tip Burger at Long's

Alexi Pappas is a member of the Oregon Track Team and in addition to being a runner she is a performer-writer-filmmaker. "About Long's Meat, I couldn't speak higher of the product-- as a runner, it's incredibly important that we refuel properly. For me, there's no better meat than Long's! I can taste and feel the amazing difference in Long's Meats. It is definitely my go-to pre-workout and post-workout meal of choice.”

Tracktown the Movie will feature Alexi Pappas both as actress and director. Learn more on the Facebook page:

Anderson Farms Listed in EatWild Directory
EatWild website, based on the best selling book Eat Wild, accepted a listing of Anderson Ranches Oregon Lamb, a local grass fed and free range ranch in Brownsville that supplies our stock of lamb here at Long's Meat Market. The directory is strict in its requirements of grass fed farms, and has a long list of criteria and standards that need to be met to get listed.

"Secret" Meat Recipes and Twitter

Our Twitter handle is @TweetsforMeats Here's a "secret" meat recipe that we found:

 Scott Hibb's Amazing Whisky Grilled Baby Back Ribs

Save $$ with Meat Packages  Combinations

 Choose your own combo with three packages or order in bulk and save money. We are now offering special prices for meat packages, whole or half carcass, and natural luau hogs. Call ahead to place an order or ask questions. There is a one week lead time needed for whole hogs to assure sizing. All of our prices include cutting and wrapping. To order: (541) 344-3172 or email us at info at longsmeatmarket dot com. Ask about custom package orders.
Visit out Meat Package Web Page > 

 Back in the Day – 1927
Eugene in 1927
 Long's legacy begins in Eugene in the year 1927, when Ernest "Butch" Long opened shop on Charnelton Street . His son Melvin worked alongside of his father while receiving a bachelor's degree in business from the U of O. While many businesses found that the Depression took a fatal toll on them, the new business continued to grow. Melvin took leave from the family business from 1942 to 1946 to serve in the Army Air Corp. At that time, Long's Meats became part of the Stanley Market, today known as L&L Marketplace. Melvin took on two partners in the business, Marley Sims and Les Hettick, along with three meat cutters as the business grew. Upon Melvin's retirement in 1968, Sims and Hettick prepared employee Dick Wooley, who began his career for Long's in 1959, to eventually operate the business after their retirement. His son and current owner, Mike, worked alongside him, much like the beginning of the business back in '27 with Butch and Melvin. Dick purchased Long's in 1976 when Sims and Hettick retired. Dick's retirement in '96 gave him 37 years of service in the L&L location. Mike Wooley took over the helm as owner/manager, and the rest is history. We would like to thank the many hundreds of customers who have continued to purchase meats from us throughout the years and for our vendors who have maintained the highest quality standards in their meat products.

 From all of us at Long’s Meat Market, enjoy a happy and healthy October and Fall season.

 Long’s Meat Market 81 E. 28th St South Eugene 541-344-3172

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Butcher’s Blog - Remember September

Is summer over already?
Well, we had the last big cookout day of summer- Labor Day
Just in case you are still grilling...see the top 25 Labor Day recipes below.

It seemed like summer went by too fast although we have had two months to enjoy it while it lasted. We still have some 90+ temps in the forecast so the weather might hold up a bit longer. Here's one of the favorite spots on the coast visited this summer on a clear day - Cape Perpetua - upper day camp....a stunning view ! Read on for our monthly news....

 What Happened in Vegas did not stay in Vegas!
Mike Wooley Received Red Carpet Treatment at Fogo de Chao in Vegas

If you are planning a trip to Vegas, don’t miss this meat lovers restaurant!

One year ago Long’s Meat Market owner Mike Wooley was given red carpet service and a tour of the kitchen at one of the top steak restaurants in Las Vegas - Fogo De Chao Brazilian Steakhouse - the ideal restaurant for meat lovers. Servers stroll around the dining room with skewers of 16 various types of meat prepared by specially trained chefs to compliment an impressive salad bar. This is a traditional gaucho way of preparing meat in Porto Alegre, Brazil. 
Visit The Website :
 Grass Fed or Bug Fed?
With the trends and research pointing to new ways to more economically feed our livestock to feed a growing world population, bugs are being considered as source food versus soy for some livestock. Here in the Willamette Valley, we love our grass fed meats.
 Butcher's Blog Appears in Top 100 Blogs for Chefs

Culinary Programs has a list of the 100 top blogs for chefs to refer to. The Butcher’s Blog is on the list. How did we get there? We don’t know. They must have found us on a Google search.
From the web site : “The world of professional cooking gets more public attention now than ever before thanks to celebrity chefs like Anthony Bourdain revealing the cutthroat competition and high-stakes rivalries behind the scenes in the culinary world. This increased attention has led to a spike in interest in culinary programs and learning to be a professional chef, and as the media gets more and more obsessed with amazing cooking, it becomes more crucial for successful chefs to keep up-to-date on culinary trends and to put themselves and their work in the public eye. Listed here are 100 sites that aspiring chefs would do well to follow, since they’re at the top of the culinary heap or moving fast in that direction.”
Oh the pressure …Culinary Programs- Sites for Chefs
Welcome Crosby, Stills, and Nash Sept. 17th
“The last time CSN came through Eugene I saw them at the Cuthbert and I was amazed at how awesome their show was. Highly recommended if you have not seen them, as this group was a pioneer and trailblazer in socially conscious rock and roll. The talent is equally strong between David Crosby, Steven Sills and Graham Nash. I hope to go again this time, just hear their music live again and relive some fond memories of my younger days” – David B
Deli Remodeling Just in Time for Football Season

We are remodeling our deli in preparation for the football season. Go Ducks ! Whether you are planning a tailgate party indoors or at the stadium, we can provide sandwiches, beef jerky, whole cooked free range chickens, and growlers of craft beer or kombucha.  

Last Big Cookout Day of Summer? Top Labor Day Recipes Revealed ... 
This list includes BBQ Beef ribs, Texas style smoked brisket, Memphis style rib sauce, Kansas City Ribs, and much more. 

Top Chef Hot Recipes
Anthony Bourdain Boeuf Bourguignon

Emeril - Curried Chicken Salad on Pumpernickel 

Wolfgang Puck - Classic Chicken Pot Pie

Food Wishes 
featuring Chef John

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Wishing you all a nice September to remember,
from all of us at Long's Meat Market

Friday, August 1, 2014

Greetings in August Goodbye to July

Our Ranger Chickens are fresh if you're looking for a thigh
Or have you heard about "hanger steaks" - maybe give them a try
Enjoy Summer in the City and feel free to stop by.

August in Eugene
at Long’s Meat Market
"I love August in Eugene with cool mornings and walks at first light. 
Road trips down to the coast, Saturday market's fresh produce, outdoor events, Bach Festival, and a bike ride by the river.
When it's time to fire up the barbecue, or create a custom picnic cooler, Long's Meat Market has the "perfect storm" of high quality meats, great prices and service, and that authentic vintage butcher shop look and feel which is unique."
David Brown

Meat Prices Going Up But We're Holding a Steady Course
We only raise meat prices when we have to, and due to the recent increases nationwide we've have raised our prices on certain meats a bit just to maintain our business and pay expenses. If you compare our meats and cheese prices to other local gourmet markets we are still the best buy in town.
Of course it's not just about the money. we focus on the highest quality fresh grass fed and free range meats, locally raised. Example: Our bulk prices for grass fed and grain fed beef wholes and half sides, cut and wrapped, went from $3.50lb to $3.69 lb,still an excellent price for this level of quality. View our meat packages page to help save on meat prices.
Meat Packages >

A Rare Find ! Anderson Ranches
Builds Their Own Processing Plant

Most ranchers, including managers of grass fed free range livestock, need to use a third party processing plant.  Anderson Ranches have been raising grass fed lamb for five generations, and in 2013, designed and built a meat processing facility to handle their own stock as well as those of other Oregon ranchers. This is rare for a rancher to do this.

By using their own processing plant, now they control every step of the process from field to packaging. Not only do the grass fed lambs have minimal stress before processing, but they use a best standards humane method. Kalapooia Valley Grass Fed Processing LLC is a humanely handled holding facility with methods recommended by Temple Grandin.
" They say if you win your hardest sell, he will be one of your best customers. It is most certainly the case with Mike Wooley of Long's Meat Market. Mike has not only been one of our first customers but one of the best and most loyal for us here at Anderson Ranches Oregon Lamb. Mike helped us understand what his customers wanted and he and his staff work hard to make that happen. We pride ourselves on raising the best quality lamb in the world and Long's has helped us reach that goal. Long's has been exclusively using our lamb since 1997."
- Reed Anderson, Anderson Ranches.

Four "High End" Steaks Worth Learning About
From we are sharing this excerpt and link for you to learn more about steak cuts. 
".....the kings of the steakhouse are still those cuts that come from the Longissimus dorsi and the Psoas major. The Longissimus dorsi are a pair of long, tender muscles that run down either side of the spine of the steer, outside the ribs, all the way from the neck to the hip. The tenderness of a steak is inversely related to the amount of work that a muscle does during the steer's lifetime. So as a relatively unused muscle, the Longissimus dorsi (commonly referred to as the loin or the backstrap) are extremely tender, making them an ideal candidate for steak...." - Full story >

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From all of us at Long's Meat Market,
enjoy August and summer, be safe and enjoy life!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Kicking into Summer

Greetings and welcome to The Butcher's Blog - the Official Newsletter for Long's Meat Market.

This month we hope that you have a safe and fun 4th of July weekend and summer. This month in Eugene we have the Bach Festival, The Country Fair, Art and the Vineyard, Saturday market as well as many other local events.

Bring your empty picnic and event baskets and browse our deli for sandwiches, meats, cheeses, wines, craft beer growlers, condiments, and Knee Deep Beef Jerky. Call ahead if you need to order sandwiches or a deli tray for a group. Muffaleta, Panini, custom made to order.
For the Grill We Have Fresh, Free Range Beef, Chicken, Pork, and Lamb, including :

Ground Beefalo instead of buffalo as the consistency has been superior while being grass fed 

Wagyu Ground – also known as KOBE beef – while supplies last
Applewood Bacon-Wrapped Sirloin – delicious bacon wrapped steak for the grill

Long's Meat Market Featured in Register Guard

Making his case for gourmet surprises

Owner of longtime Long’s Meat Market in Eugene tempts foodies with cheeses, wines, Italian sandwiches and exotic meats. Full Story > 

Enjoy Brazilian Meat Recipes for World Cup Parties

Enjoy traditional Brazilian meat recipes as you watch the Quarter Finals starting on the 4th of July approaching the final playoff on July 13th. Go Team USA!
World Cup Schedule

Brazilian Meat Recipes
Paulista Churrasco
Simple but delicious recipe - needs overnight marinating.

A steak recipe with pizzazz! Jazz up this steak recipe with the sensational South American flavours of peppery flat leaf parsley, garlic, lime and hot chillies! Chimichurri relish is better when eaten fresh, although it will be fine if stored in the fridge and used within a week.

Other 5 Star Summer Meat Recipes
This meaty main-course salad has loads of full flavor thanks to a glaze on the steak, a mustard vinaigrette, and a generous sprinkling of blue cheese.

45th Annual Oregon Country Fair - Veneta July 12-14

The Oregon Country Fair is hard to describe in one sentence but how about a cross between Woodstock and Mardi Gras, where any costume is welcomed, and there is entertainment, crafts, food, and fun. It is a people watching bonanza as the creative diversity of artistic styles of clothing and masks are a sight to behold. The festive atmosphere is always renewed every year. It is a unique event in the U.S., right here near Eugene. 

wishing all of you a fun and safe summer in or away from Eugene,
from all of us at Long's Meat Market
81 E 28th Ave, Eugene, OR 97405
(541) 344-3172
Hours: M-Sat 8am-6pm 

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Tune in to June

Welcome to The Butcher’s Blog
June 2014

A Meat Poem for Father’s Day
The Memorial Day weekend has just passed
and Summer will be here soon at last
Our grills are fired up with briquettes and mesquite
On Father's Day, we plan to grill steaks and eat

As a tradition that pales to Mother's Day
It is what it is, what more can we say?
A gathering here and there if that's what is planned
Either way, those steaks will not be bland!

Grass fed and free range makes us rejoice
And Long's Meat Market is our only choice
So goes a meat poem for Father's Day here
In Eugene Oregon - and don't forget the beer.  

by David Brown

Parking Lot Barbecue
is Here Again

Every year at this time we have a tradition of firing up a barbecue in our parking lot on Saturdays between 11am and 3pm. Hot dogs and burgers are common as well as tri-tip sandwiches, bratwurst and chicken.

Try a Coffee Rub for Those Steaks 
This recipe is from the book The New Sonoma Diet and can be used with any steak. However, for the leaner beef cuts they recommend for extra lean top round, eye round, top sirloin, and beef flank steak.

Ingredients are 1/4 cup chili powder, 1/4 cup fresh, finely ground coffee, 2 TBLS Spanish paprika, 2 TBLS brown sugar, 1 TBLS  ground coriander, 
 1/2 Tspn cinnamoon, 1 TBLS salt, 1 TBLS ground pepper, 1/4 tsp cayenne

combine all ingredients in a bowl. Season meat with salt and pepper. Spinkle 2 TBLS rub evenly on 1 Lb of meat. Let sit for 30 min prior to cooking.
Sprinkle meat with 1/2 - 1 TBLS of oil before grilling
Relax, and savor every bite :)

Grilled Lamb with salsa Verde

Something New for the Barbeque?
Here's one recipe for each of our four major meats:
Beef - Herb Marinated Flank Steak
Chicken - Grilled Deviled Chickens Under Brick
Pork - Porchetta Style Grilled Pork Loin
Lamb - Grilled Lamb Salsa Verde

The Best Deli in Eugene? Yes.
The Deli at Long's Meat Market keeps adding new items. In case you haven't heard, here is some standard fare along with things you may not have heard about yet. 

Besides the fact that Long's Meat Market deli is in the same store, conveniently next to our fresh meat counter, there have been many new additions to what is offered here, causing it to be a strong contender for the best deli in Eugene (of course this is the opinion of this blog writer).

The first thing that you may notice is the ambiance, which is vintage, colorful, and diverse. Next you may notice a smiling person behind the counter, such as Dani, our new employee, or Dave, an expert in cheese and wine pairings as well as all other deli offerings.  

There are three separate displays of cheeses, local and imported, and three separate shelves of white and red wines. Two glass door refrigerated displays hold various deli items such as bottled beers, salamis, condiments and lemons.

Above the counter you may see two eraser boards with handwritten specials. There is a "Panini Made to Order" board with five suggested types of sandwiches using the best quality ingredients of meats and cheeses.  Then you may see the "Beer on Tapwhite board with handwritten brands such as 10 Barrel Red Ale, Breakside IPA, Kiwanda Pale Ale, and Kombucha Mama, all on tap. Pints, Growlers, and house wine by the glass are listed. 

Can you sit down and eat here? Yes, as long as there are open tables. Since this might be one of the "best kept deli secrets" in Eugene right now you will probably find one of our tables in the Deli waiting for you to sit down and enjoy. 

Cozy, quiet, and surrounded by vintage vibes, balsamic vinegars, colorful cheese packaging, and delicious food, it might just be one of your best deli dining experiences. 

Attention Foodies and Everyone Else !
The Best Inexpensive Steak for the Grill? 

According to 
J. Kenji Lopez-Alt, Chief Creative Officer of Serious Eats and weekly columnist of The Food Lab, it could very well be the lean Tri-Tip Steak.

Wishing you all a fun and safe month of June and Father's Day,
from all of us at Long's Meat Market

Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Merry Month of May

Today, May 1st, Mt Pisgah arboretum is almost in full bloom and we are finally getting into a bit warmer Spring. 

We have Cinco de Mayo on the 5th, then the Wildflower and Music Festival at the Mt Pisgah Arboretum on the 8th. Then let's not forget Memorial Day on the 31st. Memorial Day weekend may be the unofficial kickoff for the start of the outdoor barbecue season, so we have added a link to few recipe ideas to help you plan ahead for that weekend.

However, the most important day is on the 12th - Mother's Day - and this day is definitely sacred. Usually no cooking is done by the mother of the household. In this newsletter, we have some meat recipe ideas for you to use or pass to those who can if you are a mother. A quick reminder that we have fresh cuts daily and will cut to order.

Cinco de Mayo Meat Recipe Ideas

Shredded Beef Chimichangas - 2 lbs of beef chuck roast, trimmed of fat - 
"Usually deep fried, chimichangas can also be oven-fried with less mess, fuss, and fat. Use the filling in burritos as well. You may also deep fry, if desired."
Tacqueria Style Tacos - Carne Asada - 3lbs of flank steak - 
"This is a great recipe for authentic Mexican taqueria style carne asada tacos (beef tacos). These are served on the soft corn tortillas, unlike the American version of tacos."

Over the Top Nachos - 1 lb of ground beef - "These nachos can be served as a meal, but all the good stuff makes for a great appetizer or snack while watching a game or a quick lunch for your family and friends. Better plan on making two plates of these, they're really good! Serve with sour cream, salsa, and guacamole."

Best Mother's Day Meat Recipes

 We searched not quite far and wide and came up with some top rated meat recipes for Mothers Day, and it all depends on what you think or know she will love besides the fact that you prepared and cooked it. 
5 star recipes : including three videos showing preparation !

Chinese Chicken Salad III

Easy Chicken Marsala Video

Beef Wellington Video

Roast Beef Tenderloin Video 

Memorial Day Meat Recipe Ideas
Try this link for a list of barbecue and grilling recipes for the Memorial Day weekend!

Meat Packages Offer Choices and Discounts

Our three meat packages – Gold, Silver, and Bronze -  have different pricing and choices for you to build your own
preferences into a custom combination that works best for your tastes. Check out our Meat Package web page to view the options available and enjoy saving some dollars.

Meat Packages Web Page 

The Deli and Wine Shoppe - A Taste of European Traditions

Enjoy a part of our old fashioned meat store that is becoming better known - our deli has tables for you to visit with a friend, enjoy a glass of wine or beer on tap, and sample some of our distinctive cheeses. 

Rotisserie Wednesday Chickens - Every Wednesday between 4-6pm we have fresh roasted free range chickens available for pickup. You do not need to order in advance, however it is on a first come first serve basis, so if you want a rsvp, you are welcome to call. These are larger than the average size seen in other markets, so don't be surprised. If you want to custom order one of these will will roast one for you anytime. Just give us some advanced notice.

Wines - A growing selection of both imported and domestic wines are represented, and are always looking for new additions. Certain wines go better with meats and we can help you with your matching of meats, cheeses and wine. Ask Dave in the Deli about wine pairings and he will be glad to assist you.

Cheeses - From award winning Rogue River blues to imported and specialty cheeses, we have a large selection and variety for your tastes and preferences. Our prices are very reasonable compared to other gourmet stores.

Beer, Kombucha on Tap and Growlers – We now offer micro brews on tap, Kombucha Mama, and growlers for either.

Sandwiches Made to Order Including Panini – with our large selection of fresh deli meats including Boar’s Head, domestic and imported cheeses, and sauces, we make delicious deli sandwiches at reasonable prices. Enjoy a quite lunch with a friend at one of our tables in the deli with something cool on tap.

Deli Meats - Hams, sausages, pate, smoked and cured selections from the best sources that have a long tradition and following here and in Europe. Boar's Head, Saag, and other specialty meats including free range beef jerky from Knee Deep Cattle Company . Don't miss our amazing New York deli style corned beef.

From all of us at Long's Meat Market,
we wish you a Merry Month of May !

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April – Spring - Easter, Flowers, and Grass Fed Meats

Mike Wooley showing off some legs of lamb and chops
(Now accepting Ham and Lamb orders for Easter) 
Welcome to April issue of The Butcher's Blog and our first issue in the official season of Spring.

 Even though it is April 1st as we publish this it is no joke that the weather is finally getting better.

This month we may or may not celebrate Easter, but either way, it is a great season to enjoy grass fed lamb.

Hams are also enjoyed at Easter and we are taking orders for your Easter or family plans. What about duck? Duck can also make an excellent meal and we have locally raised free range ducks for sale while they last.

Getting ready to honey glaze a ham 
Easter Ham or Lamb ?
Both of these meats are in demand for Easter and we suggest that you order early to secure your preference for quantity and quality. Our hams and lamb are the best available for free range, hormone free, and delicious in taste. We actually also sell locally grown eggs in case you want to make us your one stop Easter shoppe!

Here at Long’s we offer our own in house spiral cut and honey glaze ham on a pre-order basis (we run out of these fast – pre-order is best to make sure that you have one ready.) We also offer the leg of lamb, and rack of lamb, and our lamb crown roasts are starting to get popular. Base pricing: $6.98/lb. bone in for lamb leg and $4.49/lb for bone in ham.  

Thanks for the Yelps 
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another is our Facebook page. Thanks for all of your positive feedback!

Ukranian Hand Painted Easter Eggs- A pysanka (Ukrainian: писанка, plural: pysanky) is a Ukrainian Easter egg, decorated using a wax-resist (batik) method. The word comes from the verb pysaty, "to write", as the designs are not painted on, but written with beeswax. The word pysanka refers specifically to an egg decorated with traditional Ukrainian folk designs, and is not a generic term for any egg decorated using wax resist.
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you like, and let us keep you posted for events, news,
and specials. Long's Facebook Page

Wishing you a great month,

From all of us at Long's Meat Market

Saturday, March 1, 2014

March – Mardi Gras, St Patrick’s Day and Corned Beef !

Welcome to The Butcher’s Blog. This month we are featuring recipes and meats for Mardi Gras, 
and St Patricks Day.  Due to our in-house corned beef being very popular,  we take orders in advance.
As we approach Spring, officially on March 21, let us celebrate sunnier and warmer days ahead!

Mardi Gras
Celebrate Mardi Gras on March 4th with these recipes:
Duck and Sausage Gumbo (we carry local duck and lots of sausage choices)

St Patrick's Corned Beef - Our In-House Recipe - Order in Advance :)
We brine our own beef for three weeks and use mainly R&R rounds that are leaner than brisket but will also have some brisket corned beef available while it lasts. To be safe you need to order early to make sure that you have the meat that you want secured here, as it is a popular item.

Irish Lamb Stew and Recipes (we carry grass fed Oregon Lamb for recipes)
Irish stew, "ballymaloe"  as it is called in Gaelic, is traditionally made of lamb or mutton (less tender sheep over two years of age), potatoes, onions, and parsley. Often, lamb or mutton neck bones, shanks, and other trimmings were the only basis for the stock. Yet, these would-be discards still held enough flavor after a long simmering process to do justice to a hearty bowl of stew. Modern recipes may add Guinness stout to the mix for additional taste."  ( Irish Stew History)  As you may know, we have year round free range lamb available from Anderson's ranches, raised locally in Brownsville.
View a number of Irish Stew Recipes for Ideas 


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Meat Packages
We are seeing more interest in our meat packages that help save you $$ and give you options on what types and amount of meat that you want.
Check out our meat package web page to see all the combinations – Just like the Olympics, we have three names for our packages -  Gold, Silver, and Bronze.
Meat Packages Web Page

Tweets for Meats
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Wishing you an awesome month of March,
From all of us at Long's Meat Market