Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Butchers Blog - October

October is the Month for Pumpkin Patches

Welcome to the October issue of The Butcher’s Blog.

Besides pumpkin patches and Fall festivals, October is indeed a cool month for meats, and we are in full gear at the meat counter Monday through Saturday 8am-6pm. We will start with a poem that we posted on Facebook.

Free range cattle avoid the cage
and grass fed beef is now the rage
Some meats are better, like some people, when aged
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Grass Fed Meats in the News

More articles, research, and publicity is coming out about the benefits of grass fed beef. Here are some links to some articles, including one in England, as this is a world wide trend:
1 - Prevention: Grass-Fed Meat Is Absolutely Worth The Heftier Price, Says New Research

2 -The Guardian:
Exploding Demand for Grass Fed Meat is Saving Lamb Market and Giving Dogs Jobs

3 -  Mother Earth News - The Many Benefits of Grass Fed Meats

4 - Great Britain - Farmers Weekly
High Demand for Grass Fed Meat Leads to Call for More Certified Farmers

Visit our "Go Ducks TV Room in Our Deli

Our remodeled deli includes our new TV “Go Ducks” room, with extra tables to sit and enjoy our wide variety of sandwiches and drinks. The Deli has expanded its menu of sandwiches, and has a large selection of deli meats, as well as local and imported wines and cheeses. There is craft beer and kombucha on tap, and friendly staff to answer questions and help you at the counter.

On game day enjoy good food, drink, and a good victory. Go Ducks ! 

 Back in the Day – 1927
Eugene in 1927
 Long's legacy begins in Eugene in the year 1927, when Ernest "Butch" Long opened shop on Charnelton Street . His son Melvin worked alongside of his father while receiving a bachelor's degree in business from the U of O. While many businesses found that the Depression took a fatal toll on them, the new business continued to grow. Melvin took leave from the family business from 1942 to 1946 to serve in the Army Air Corp. At that time, Long's Meats became part of the Stanley Market, today known as L&L Marketplace. Melvin took on two partners in the business, Marley Sims and Les Hettick, along with three meat cutters as the business grew. Upon Melvin's retirement in 1968, Sims and Hettick prepared employee Dick Wooley, who began his career for Long's in 1959, to eventually operate the business after their retirement. His son and current owner, Mike, worked alongside him, much like the beginning of the business back in '27 with Butch and Melvin. Dick purchased Long's in 1976 when Sims and Hettick retired. Dick's retirement in '96 gave him 37 years of service in the L&L location. Mike Wooley took over the helm as owner/manager, and the rest is history. We would like to thank the many hundreds of customers who have continued to purchase meats from us throughout the years and for our vendors who have maintained the highest quality standards in their meat products.

 From all of us at Long’s Meat Market, enjoy a happy and healthy October and Fall season.

 Long’s Meat Market 81 E. 28th St South Eugene 541-344-3172

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